Foods to avoid


The first question that most of our patients ask when they get their braces on is: “What foods do I need to avoid?” Put simply, any foods that are hard and crunchy or soft and sticky can loosen your braces or bend the wires. When this happens it can cause discomfort. It is best to visit your orthodontist right away so that whatever is broken can be repaired.

 The biggest offenders causing damage during orthodontics are:

1.)    Caramel and taffy: any sticky candies should be avoided

2.)    Ice: it is very detrimental to the teeth, even when you don’t have braces

3.)    Bubble gum: not only can it loosen the wires, it can also create a giant mess. Sugar-free gum is usually ok with the orthodontist but be sure to ask first.

4.)    Meats with a bone: remove the meat from the bone before you eat it

5.)    Hard vegetables and fruits: make sure to slice them first

6.)    Corn on the cob: ok if you remove the corn from the cob

7.)    Nuts

8.)    Popcorn: the hulls can get lodged in your gum tissue

9.)    Pens, pencils and other foreign objects

Your orthodontic treatment will go very smoothly if you avoid these foods, brush and floss after meals and snacks, and wear your rubber bands as directed. If we can answer any of your questions about braces, please let us know!

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